Second year of med school is about to end

And we were thinking about how it’d be nice to start med school all over again. Yup, as in, go back to first year. Though we wouldn’t want to – second year was definitely more fun, it being clinical – it’d be like watching a good movie for the second time around. You’d get the […]

The thing I’m most anxious about right now is the 2-on-1 patient encounter. Two students – I and a partner – are going to perform history and physical exam on a patient with a doctor preceptor. The doctor will intervene with comments in the middle of it or after. I know I shouldn’t be afraid […]

Stop being a loser

On January 2016, after breaking down in front of a professor (the head of the Neurology Department at that), I told myself I would stop being a loser. I even wrote on a Post-it (and posted it on my Post-it wall), “You did not wake up to be a loser!” I needed a month to […]

I just wrestled with God

I just acknowledged my doubts. I wrote them down on my journal, my journal which has been filled with good things… until now. I realized that the first step to solving a problem is to acknowledge it. So I listed my thoughts down, and they were not good. Besides, I cannot hide anything from God. […]

It’s exams week again

And here I am with no inch of anxiety because I have yet to study for the day. It’s a Sunday and I promised God I would observe the Sabbath. I rest on Sundays but the moment I arrive in the condo, I start studying for Monday. I realized something very important this week. For […]

My life before God

I stalked myself on this blog (even though I shouldn’t have because I’m supposed to be doing a paper for Surgery). I started this on May 2013, and something just stood out: that was me without God. That was me who kept telling herself she had God, but didn’t really accept Him into her life. […]

If God is my boss

Then a checklist is my supervisor. Unlike God, a checklist isn’t so kind always. It can be so overwhelming, I actually sleep on it. When I woke up and am reminded of the things I have yet to finish, it feels like it’s yelling at me. When I’m done for the day according to the […]