I’m the only one

In my group of friends from college who doesn’t have a boyfriend. And one of the reasons might be because two of my friends in that group do not have girlfriends. LOL. One of those guys asked me out back in college but I turned him down. I don’t want to dwell on that any […]

Summer 2016

I am mentally preparing myself for third year of med school. The fact that I’m back to blogging means I’m sorting my thoughts. I consider it an improvement that I don’t get nervous about the things which should have made me nervous; things like talking to the phone with one of my grandmas who paid for […]

As a Christian, should I watch Game of Thrones?

Early on, I’ll put this out: SPOILERS ALERT. I just read an article discussing this, which led to me right-clicking to other articles. Since there is even a question and such a huge controversy about this, I am gearing towards “no.” But this question doesn’t apply to me anymore because I’ve watched all six seasons. […]

What’s weird about this sense of entitlement is that you want it justified, not just by yourself, but by others. She’s right, I am still angry. There is still resentment in my heart. I just have it hidden somewhere I can’t access regularly. But when it catches up to me, it ends tripping me up. […]

Second year of med school is about to end

And we were thinking about how it’d be nice to start med school all over again. Yup, as in, go back to first year. Though we wouldn’t want to – second year was definitely more fun, it being clinical – it’d be like watching a good movie for the second time around. You’d get the […]

The thing I’m most anxious about right now is the 2-on-1 patient encounter. Two students – I and a partner – are going to perform history and physical exam on a patient with a doctor preceptor. The doctor will intervene with comments in the middle of it or after. I know I shouldn’t be afraid […]